2015 Winner_Paolo_Angelelli_US_Vintricular_Septal_Defect

Joint MedViz and VCF Christmas Seminar 11.12.2015

 Eivind Hansen: Christmas greetings from Haukeland University Hospital   Paolo Angelelli: Improving the visualization of cardiac ultrasound Abstract In 2013 the GE Vingmed Ultrasound started a BIA project together with three other partners including...

Judit Haasz

MedViz Seminar Friday 24.04 in the MedViz Incubator

Neuroimaging in cognitive aging – a report on findings, challenges and perspectives Judit Haász Subtitle: Medical and biological issues – present findings Arvid Lundervold Subtitle: Methodological challenges and perspectives  ABSTRACTS:  Haász The population ​in​...