MedViz – a Research & Development cluster in Bergen. MedViz is a cluster of groups performing interdisciplinary research in advanced image analysis and visualisation bridging the gap between “bench and bedside”. MedViz also includes imaging physics and fundamental biomedical translational research. Our mission is to promote the development of biomedical and clinical imaging technologies with the ultimate goal of improving diagnosis and treatment of patients. MedViz wants to develop new clinical methods for potential commercialisation by means of denovo software for analysis, decision support and visual communication.
Highlights MedViz Conference 2015


Highlights from the MedViz Conference 2015

The 9th MedViz conference in Medical Imaging and Visualization, organized in close cooperation with The Molecular Imaging Centre (MIC) at Department of Biomedicine, UiB and Department of  adiology/PET-Centre at Haukeland University Hospital, gathered 159 participants in the new Bikuben Course and Conference facilities at HUH campus. This year’s MedViz Conference had a particular focus
on innovation in imaging and visualization. See more information in our Newsletter from July. See the award winners below of the best free oral presentation, the best poster and speed poster presentation and three 1st prices for the best photo from the MedViz Photo & Illustration competition 2015. The winners from the photo competition received the award of 1.000 NOK each + free participation for all at the MedViz Conference 2015.
Postdoc Spiros Kotopoulis, HUH received the award for the best free oral presentation by Professor Ingfrid H.S. Haldorsen, Chairman of the Scientific Committee.
PhD student Erik Smistad, NTNU received the award for the best poster and speed poster presentation by Professor Antonella Zanna Munthe-Kaas, Chairman of the Poster Session.
Collage of photography and micrography of plant pollen (Amaryllis Charisma) in the size order of 20 μm. 1st price award, scanning electron microscopy image by Irene Heggstad, Common Electron Microscopy Lab, UiB.
This picture depicts the vortex formation and shunt flow in a newborn baby with a Ventricular Septal Defect (hole in between the two venticles). 1st price award, ultrasound image by Paolo Angelelli, Department of Informatics, UiB.
In this Image, one can see the velocity of the kidney movement induced through breathing. And we can clearly see that medulla moves with a different speed than the rest of the kidney. We would call this image "Breath induces movement speed of the kidney over time". We used a rainbow color-map with red being low velocity and blue high velocity. 1st price award, MR image by Sergej Stoppel, Department of Informatics, UiB and Erlend Hodneland, CMR and MedViz.
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Registration MedViz Conference 2015

Registration MedViz Conference 2015

Abstract registration deadline 10.05.2015
Conference registration deadline 05.06.2015
For registration:
Students: Free entrance
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Metematisk poliklinikk

Matematisk poliklinikk 24.03.2015: Fra olje til medisin

In collaboration with MedViz, the research project "Computational medicine: Numerical models for medical images and signals" ( will organise a quarterly Mathematics Clinic ("Matematisk poliklinikk"), an open forum for transdisciplinary and spirited discussions, set in an informal atmosphere at Litteraturhuset i Bergen.
"Matematisk poliklinikk" will present mathematical-medical developments and challenges to the public, with the additional ambition of facilitating the interaction (convergence)
of medical and biological thinking and the mindsets & problem solving abilities in the computational mathematics community.
The first meeting​, "​Fra olje til medisin​", starring Jo Røislien ​and​ Jan Nordbotten, ​takes place on ​March 24 2015 ​at 7 p.m. ​​​ More information can be found at
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