MedViz – a Research & Development cluster in Bergen. MedViz is a cluster of groups performing interdisciplinary research in advanced image analysis and visualisation bridging the gap between “bench and bedside”. MedViz also includes imaging physics and fundamental biomedical translational research. Our mission is to promote the development of biomedical and clinical imaging technologies with the ultimate goal of improving diagnosis and treatment of patients. MedViz wants to develop new clinical methods for potential commercialisation by means of denovo software for analysis, decision support and visual communication.
MedViz seminar 21.11.2014

MedViz Seminar Friday 21.11.2014

PLACE: MedViz Facilities., Møllendalsbakken 7, 5th floor
TIME   : 12:00-13:00
Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge
Title: Radiation Therapy with Proton and Carbon Ions
Helge Pettersen
Title: Imaging the proton stopping power with proton Computed Tomography
Sara Margareta Cecilia Thörnqvist
Title: Radiobiology and imaging for use in particle therapy
Odd Harald Odland
Title: Planning for a particle therapy facility at Haukeland University Hospital – status November 2014


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Ligthouse project

MedViz Lighthouse Project - Image-based quantitative assessment on abdominal organ function

One of the goals of modern medicine, diagnostic and therapeutic, is to have individualised
evaluation and targeted treatment. The new imaging modalities like magnetic resonance
imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), ultrasound (US) and the combination
(multi-parametric/fusion) of these, may, together with digital image analysis and visualisation
of organ structure and functions, represent significant steps in the direction of personalized
medicine. The application of these advanced imaging technologies to abdominal organs is
particular challenging due to movement of the organ(s) during image examinations.


Read more about the project.

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MedViz seminar 17.10.2014

SEMINAR  FRIDAY 17.10.2014

PLACE: MedViz Facilities., Møllendalsbakken 7, 5th floor
TIME   : 12:00-13:00
Title: Preclinical imaging studies of orthotopic mouse models in endometrial cancer
Professor Ingfrid Haldorsen
Researcher Njål Brekke
Researcher Camilla Krakstad
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